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Portable Solar Power System In Action

     The power to film the PBS Nature production "Bears of the Last Frontier", was provided by portable solar power systems donated by Powerenz, Inc.

          We are excited to introduce our latest high-efficiency (24.2%-efficient), lightweight, foldable solar panels that are rated to produce 30, 60, 120, 150, and 300 watts of power.  These solar panels come in solid black, and are the most efficient solar panels available.  When your mission requires a solar panel that can get the job done, these are the solar panels you should choose.  In the two photos below, one can see the 300-watt panel unfolded, and the 150-watt panel unfolded.

In the photo below, one can see the 30, 60, and 120-watt panels unfolded and side-by-side.


In the two photos below, one can see the 300-watt solar panel folded, and the 30, 60, and 120-watt panels folded and side-by-side.  All of the above panels have the same footprint when folded.

In the photo below, one can see a 300-watt solar panel unfolded and being used to charge the battery pack in the Desert Flare system.

     Rated second in efficiency, and still highly-efficient (18-19%), the following lightweight foldable solar panels produce 88 watts/5 amps in strong peak sunshine.  The back surface of the panel comes in digital ACU camouflage, green woodland/jungle camouflage, or black.  The material around the solar cells on the solar cell side of the panel is white in order to keep the solar cells cooler and more efficient.  If your mission does not require a panel that can deliver 150 or 300 watts (8 or 16 amps), but requires one that can deliver more than 60-62 watts (3-3.6 amps), then this is the panel you should choose.  Currently, this panel is on sale.  See the two photos below.


What is a Portable Solar Power System?   

     A portable solar power system is a sophisticated combination of components and raw materials that, when integrated into a system, will produce electricity and store energy from sunlight.  Each complete system consists of a basic set of components, namely a solar panel, solar charge controller, battery, wiring, a carrying case or pack, and sources for 12-volt DC and/or 120-volt AC power, all of which are chosen to match eachother functionally.  The solar charge controller is chosen to match and optimize the performance of the solar panel and the battery.  The goal of each system is to provide power for electronic devices in the absence of the grid.  

     The word "portable" means different things to different people.  To one person, "portable" means lightweight enough to bring along on a mountaineering or backpacking expedition where every ounce matters.  To another person, "portable" means that four strong men can move the system from point A to point B.  Portability is something we can discuss on the telephone.  The more power and stored energy one requires, the larger and heavier the system becomes.  

     Certain components of each system are waterproof, and others are not.  In general, solar panels are waterproof.  Inverters and many other electronic devices are not waterproof at all, and must be treated like your laptop when it comes to rain, water, snow, and saltwater mist.  The details of one's application determines how much waterproofing an individual system may require.

     In the two photos below, one can see the typical components of one of our smallest and lightest-weight portable solar power systems called UltraLight.  In the first photo, and to the left is the ultra-lightweight foldable solar panel, unfolded, in direct sunlight, and being used to recharge the battery pack that is located inside the brown hard case.  The brown hard case sits to the right of the solar panel, and its lid is opened, showing the cigarette lighter socket adapter on the end of a shart extension cable.  For portable electronic devices that one would plug directly into a 12-volt DC cigarette lighter socket in an automobile, they can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket that comes with the system.  For electronic devices that require AC power, an inverter can be added and used.  Everything fits inside the hard case, except the solar panel which is carried separately.  The same system can be packaged in a soft carrying pack to reduce its weight.  In the lower photo, one can see the lightweight solar panel unfolded and to the left of the carrying pack in khaki that encloses the remainder of the components.  The female cigarette lighter socket can be seen emerging from the pack.



In the video below, one can watch a small system called Lucciola in action.




What do we do?  

     Powerenz, Inc. designs and assembles portable solar power systems for a variety of applications ranging from military to adventure to environmental consciousness. Our systems are easy to carry and perfect when you need a portable off-grid power system. For every imaginable situation, and even some that haven’t yet occurred to us, our professionals can build and customize a power system to your exact specifications, including:

  •      Outdoor Recreational Activities (supporting a wide array of electronics)
  •      Military Operations
  •      Emergency, Disaster and Survival Scenarios
  •      Search and Rescue Missions
  •      Scientific Research and Work in Remote Locations
  •      Medical Missions
  •      Backpacking and Mountaineering
  •      Communications and Radios
  •      Camping
  •      Back-Up Power for Home Use
  •      Photography and travel in remote locations
  •      Power in Marine Environments
  •      Aviation and Avionics Industry

          If your electronic devices must have power when the grid is not available, then you have come to the right place. 

A small but powerful Powerenz Portable Solar Power System is demonstrated below in an outdoor film production "Stepping Outdoors". 



A rugged Powerenz Portable Solar Power system, including a waterproof solar panel, is demonstrated below in the video.  




     What do we not do?

     We do not offer systems that will provide power for an entire house, commercial facility, large cabin, neighborhood, or for residential air conditioning or heating.

 To select your own Powerenz portable solar power system: 

  1. Browse through our products.  You’ll find detailed information about recommended usages, power outputs, specs and photos. We can modify any unit, or custom-design a unit from scratch to meet your needs.
  2. Complete the contact form or call 770.639.2244 to discuss options.  If you are not sure where to begin, browse through our products to learn about the capabilities and uses of our portable solar power units, and then contact us to discuss how we can customize a portable solar power unit to meet your needs.                                                                                                  


     When you call or write to us, it would be very helpful for us to have some or all of the following pieces of information: 

     a. a list of each device for which you need power,

     b. the power draw of each device in watts or amps, 

     c. the voltage requirement of each device, i.e. 12-volts DC, 120-volts AC, etc., 

     d. the number of hours per day that each device will require power, 

     e. the number of consecutive days that each device will require power, 

     f. the peak power draw at any given moment in watts or amps, 

     g. the location where you intend to operate the system, i.e. name of State and nearest City, 

     h. the time of year that you intend to operate the system, 

     i. the need for waterproofing, 

     j. weight limitations, 

     k. how many days of poor weather or poor sunshine for which you would need to be prepared,

       l. an estimate of your budget,

     m. if you will need power during the day, night, or both,

     n. the range of temperatures in the location where you intend to operate your system, and

     o. a basic decription of your application, i.e. what you will be doing all day.


Portable Solar Power Systems: the Lightweight, Transportable Power Source

     Every Powerenz system is shipped ready to use, simple to use, and complete with all necessary equipment and a durable carrying bag, pack, or case.  Rest assured that each Powerenz solar panel power source is assembled by hand in the United States, and has been thoroughly tested before being shipped, so it’s guaranteed to work when you need it. 

     Powerenz products are designed for any situation when you need an off-grid solar system. There’s no need to haul fuel, lug a large supply of batteries or transport other cumbersome power options. Our lightweight solar power systems make it easy to transport a power source, have emergency power, back up batteries and more. 

     View Specific details of Powerenz's solar generators

    Portable Solar Generator for Laptops

     Powerenz designs light-weight portable solar generators for laptop computers, most of which can provide emergency power, run your laptop while solar charging, and solar recharge your laptop's internal battery – all simultaneously.

     If you have very specific needs,
contact us with the details; we’re here to help provide the portable solar generator that will power your laptop in whatever conditions you encounter.


Photo below - a Powerenz system produces power to run laptop and cellphone during a camping trip

Solar Laptop Charger

    View the specific details of Powerenz's portable solar generators for laptops

     Powerenz specializes in custom designs to meet your solar power needs. When designing off-grid solar systems, the experts at Powerenz focus on portability and ease of use, and work with you to make sure that your unit is built to your exact specifications. If your unit needs to be water-proof, we can develop the portable solar power solution for your needs. For more information, complete our brief
contact form or call us at 770.639.2244.

The power to film the production "The Canadian National Parks Project", was provided by portable solar power systems by Powerenz, Inc.



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