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     The power to film the PBS Nature production "Bears of the Last Frontier", was provided by portable solar power systems donated by Powerenz, Inc.

portable solar panels

When You're On the Go, Harness the Power of the Sun


Where are you headed? Chances are, there won't be an outlet to plug into when you get there. But you still need a way to power your devices, and a battery only holds a charge for so long.

There was a time when the solution was simply to leave your electronic gear at home, but in an increasingly tech-oriented world, that's not going to cut it. You need access to a power source no matter where your mission takes you.

Plug into the Power of Portable Solar Panels

At Powerenz, we create portable solar panel systems of unrivaled efficiency. Our ultra-lightweight, 24.2% efficiency, foldable solar panels are rated to provide the power you need to get the job done, no matter what you're out to accomplish.

We have an extensive background developing portable solar panels for a variety of applications, from recreation to military, scientific research to medical missions, photography to backpacking and camping, or even if you simply want a backup power source for your home.  Each of our systems is highly durable, portable, and delivers the efficiency you need to keep your devices and equipment charged and ready to rock.

Complete Solar Panel Generators and Systems for Complete Reliability

The Powerenz line of equipment offers everything you need to power your gear using portable solar panels:

  • ·      30, 60, 88, 120, 150, and 300 watt portable solar panels
  • ·      Solar charge controller
  • ·      Battery
  • ·      Wiring
  • ·      Carrying case or pack
  • ·      Sources for 12-volt DC and/or 120-volt AC power

And each of our solar generator systems is shipped ready to use, and has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it's good to go when you are.

Thanks to the portable solar panels from Powerenz, "off the grid" doesn't have to mean "out of luck."

Join the Ranks of Those Who have Discovered the Power of Powerenz Portable Solar Panels


Our solar panels have helped countless customers achieve their remote power needs:

  • ·      Nature documentarians
  • ·      Movie crews
  • ·      Military organizations
  • ·      Aircraft pilots
  • ·      Disaster and survival rescue teams
  • ·      Scientific research crews
  • ·      Campers
  • ·      Backpackers
  • ·      Photographers
  • ·      And many, many more

Simply put – Powerenz portable solar panels provide the efficiency and versatility you need to ensure that your mission is a success.


We're On-Call to Help You Find the Right Portable Solar Panels for Your Needs


Are you ready to discover which of our many portable solar panel products are most suitable for your requirements? Our expert service team is on-call and waiting to help you determine which system is scaled to your task.

Contact our team online, or call (770) 639-2244 to discuss your options now.

At Powerenz, we're putting the power to take your equipment anywhere in your hands. Find out which of our portable solar panels is right for you today – Call Now!


portable solar panel

portable solar power systems

Solar Power Generators


In the two photos below, one can see the 300 watt solar panel folded, and the 30, 60, and 120 watt solar panels folded and side-by-side.  All of the above panels have the same footprint when folded.

portable solar powered systems

Portable Solar Generator

Portable Solar Generators

In the photo below, one can see a 300-watt portable solar generators unfolded and being used to charge the battery pack in the Desert Flare system.

Portable Solar

Portable Solar Panel Systems    

Rated second in efficiency, and still highly-efficient (18-19%), the following lightweight foldable solar panels produce 88 watts/5 amps in strong peak sunshine.  The back surface of the panel comes in digital ACU camouflage, green woodland/jungle camouflage, or black.  The material around the solar cells on the solar cell side of the panel is white in order to keep the solar cells cooler and more efficient.  If your mission does not require a panel that can deliver 150 or 300 watts (8 or 16 amps), but requires one that can deliver more than 60-62 watts (3-3.6 amps), then this is the panel you should choose.  Currently, this panel is on sale.  See the two photos below.

portable solar generator

solar powered systems

solar powered generators

solar generator



Solar Laptop Charger